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Theory.org.uk Trading Cards


Theory card popularity leads to Smash Hits Top Trumps launch

The success of the Theory.org.uk Trading Cards -- the trendy new cards featuring popular culture theorists -- has led Top Trumps, creators of the ancient card comparison game, to commission trendy new cards featuring popular culture icons, in collaboration with top teen mag Smash Hits.

The cards rate the pop stars in categories such as 'Pop Factor', number of top 10 hits, number of different haircuts in career, 'Phwoar Factor', and other areas. The educational blurb popular on the Theory cards is reduced on the Smash Hits cards to just one sentence (such as "Mel C is such a big Liverpool FC fan, she only ever buys red toothbrushes").

Like the Theory.org.uk cards, the Smash Hits cards have courted controversy with their value judgments. For example, plain Nick from Backstreet Boys is credited with a winning 93 in the 'Phwoar Factor' stakes, whilst pop prince Robbie Williams is given a disappointing 86 in this category.

Britney Spears, meanwhile, whilst ranked highly in the 'Phwoar' category (93) gets a rubbish 84 as her 'Pop Factor'. A spokesperson from Top Trumps denied that this was a grave error. "These cards often contain quirky judgments, to add to the fun," she claimed. "Just look at the oddball ratings of Judith Butler on the Theory.org.uk cards".

The Smash Hits cards are available from WHSmith and other stores in the UK.

The Theory.org.uk cards are still available for free on the internet.