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Theory.org.uk Trading Cards


How to print these cards

There are a few different ways in which you can turn these virtual cards into real-world cards.

As long as you can wait for them to download, the best option is to download card sheets in Adobe Acrobat format. (If you don't like the sound of this, and are happy to print the cards out one by one, see the easy solution below).

Sheet 1 contains cards 1 to 9.
Sheet 2 contains cards 10 to 12.

The bootleg cards (the unofficial ones beyond number 12) do not necessarily exist as high-resolution cards and can only be viewed online.

> Sheet 1: Download (optimum colour)
   (Acrobat format, 4.5 MB)
> Sheet 2: Download (optimum colour)
   (Acrobat format, 1.9 MB)

> Sheet 1: Download (black and white)
   (Acrobat format, 1.5 MB)
> Sheet 2: Download (black and white)
   (Acrobat format, 0.7 MB)

Clicking the above links will bring up the ready-to-print sheet, like the one shown (right). Ideally, print these on to card. Glossy card is even better.

Another solution:

> Sheet 1: Download (colour GIF)
   (GIF format, 1.9 MB)
> Sheet 2: Download (colour GIF)
   (GIF format, 0.7 MB)

This link brings up the ready-to-print sheet (as above) except as a large colour GIF file. You can right-click your mouse on this image, select the option to save it on your hard disk, and then print it (to fit onto your A4 card) from a graphics program.

The easiest way to get the cards printed if you don't like the other solutions...

This method is simply to visit each card one by one, from the main page, and just click PRINT as you get to each card's page. Each card fits on a sheet of A4 and is the size of a large postcard. These cards are, therefore, bigger than normal. But you can then reduce them in a photocopier -- and get them copied onto card at the same time, if you like -- and so create your own card collection the easy-peasy way!