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Theory.org.uk Trading Cards


Kylie.com mimics online Trading Card concept

Kylie Minogue's official website kylie.com has paid tribute to the Theory.org.uk Trading Card concept by issuing a set of online 'Collectors Cards', which fans can collect. The series appeared in late September 2000, several weeks after the launch of the Theory.org.uk cards. Kylie's cards contain a code which enables users to download a special Kylie track when the set is complete.

The Australian popstrel, whose new album Light Years is quite fantastic incidentally, was unavailable to comment on whether the card concept was actually based on her love for the Theory.org.uk site. However, pop commentators have noted that Kylie is eager to court the 'queer chic' which such tributes lend to her career.

Nevertheless, Kylie's Press Office said "We like the new Theoryhead.com site - it's lovely".

Meanwhile, Theory.org.uk refused to indicate whether it would reciprocate in the exchange of ideas by recording a disco track available exclusively to Theory.org.uk card collectors. However, we can reveal that a cover of "Do I Have To?" by the Pet Shop Boys is being discussed for a Christmas release.